You don't need to reinvent the wheel or spends hundreds of hours making your own technology. Or even worse spend thousands of dollars a month on technology. We have the technology already in place. The same technology that CEO Monica Breckenridge developed over 10 years that helped keep her organized to stay the #1 Real Estate Agent in CO since 2013 and #4 in the nation in 2017.

Your Own CRM & Transaction Management

You don't have to spend thousands of hours customizing a CRM or transaction management system. Believe me that is how long it takes. That is because Monica Breckenridge personally programmed everything to function for her team. We have an all in one CRM and transaction management platform that is customized for Pink Realty!

Here is what our system does:

  • Tracks all your clients and leads
  • Client Nurturing for your clients
  • Auto Drip campaings
  • Track all your leads so you know what is producing the best bang for your buck.
  • Document storage
  • Photo Storage
  • Auto Triggered tasks for you, your employee's and agents.

Your own Website and App

Your own Custom Built website awaits you with IDX included. Although the website is already custom built for you, you can still customize your own website. Don't spend $1,200 a month on similar platforms like Curator or get a website bill for $100,000 for design and programming. We have it already done for you.

And Best of All....It's Free!