Nikita Poe

Seller & Buyer Team Coordinator

ADDRESS: 2760 N Academy Blvd Suite 201, Colorado Springs, CO 80917


Nikita Poe is our Listing Coordinator. She initially speaks to all our sellers to discuss the selling process and different options they have. She obtains information for our listing agent and gathers research for our seller’s homes to include market research and comparable sales. She helps the listing agents by getting everything ready for them to do a listing appointment and does a lot of the research up front for them. She helps in organizing getting a home on the market.

Prior to working at Pink Realty, Nikita was a Police, Fire, and EMS dispatcher as well as a 911 operator. She grew up in a cake shop and continues to bake frequently for her co-workers.

Awards Received: Salesperson of the Year/Best in Sales – 2017, All Day, Every Day! – 2017, 2 Years of Service – 2017